Jewelry Weighing Scale

Make your customers happy with exact measurements using Jewelry Weighing Scale from Jewel Quest in Philippines.

The smile of accuracy
The play of numbers is very important for the success of any brand. They are used as a yardstick to determine the growth ratio of the company and as the list of happy customers’ gets on increasing, the indication of success rate of the brand going upwards make its way very clear. Even in the detailed business practices in the field of jewelry industry like weighing and measurements of diamonds and jewelry items, the accuracy of numbers is considered as very crucial as it can make or break the status of a jewelry brand.

We at Jewel Quest provide the tools and equipments that are the backbone for making jewelry like providing Precious Metal Weighing Scales, Carat Scale for Diamonds and Jewelry Scale in Philippines. We have more than seven 700 products available at satisfactory prices for wholesale and retail:

Tanita 1479v- 120 grams:
This Digital Gold Weighing Machine offers balanced features for diamonds, synthetic, precious metals and stones. Its intelligent system comes with a leather pouch and batteries ensuring accuracy and easy methods..

Tanita 1479J- 200 grams:
This professional mini scale is highly used by jewelers, clinical purposes, pharmacists, hunters, law enforcement and other services. It provides expected precision for gold, precious gem stones and diamonds maintaining quality and reliability.

Apart from above, we also offer Diamond Carat Scale, Tanita 1579v- 200 grams and Tanita 121 ON carat scale amongst various other weighing scales to give your brand a boost by getting numerous happy and smiling customers that in turn will elevate your business profits as we always follow the principle of becoming reputed with goodwill.

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