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Make your life easy with Jewelry Weighing Scale from Jewel Quest in Philippines

Quick and Accurate
The line of jewelry business is quite widespread being the most profitable venture as everyone especially women are addicted to wearing gold and diamond jewelry everyday; be it daily domestic routine, office chores, parties and get to gathers or social events and function as they add oodles of charm to their appearance and beauty. It is also the dynamic industry and an art of fine craftsmanship taking care of every minute detail like design, makes, authenticity and accurate weighs as these factors help winning the trust of the customers.
We at Jewel Quest offer high quality Tanita Weighing Scale and Digital Gold Weighing Machine that help you get correct and actual weighs of the gold for buying and selling purposes:

Tanita 1479V- 120 grams:

Offering balanced features for synthetic, gold, precious metals and stones are the solid and smooth black units that give quick and easy weighing techniques for various items. This intelligent Digital Weighing Scale in Philippines gets accurate results and comes with a leather pouch for easy portability and batteries.

Tanita 1579V- 200 grams:

This pocket friendly device is easy has ultra portability and slides in your hand bag without any hitch. Precious metals, fine jewelry are weighed with precision with the feature of reverse blue display for easy visibility. It weighs from 0.01 to 200 grams in measures of ounce, gram, carat, troy ounce, penny and groins.
Being in the industry since a very long time, all our Carat Scale for Diamonds, other jewelry tools and equipments are reliable and sturdy in nature as we believe in the motto of “Becoming reputed with goodwill”. Visit our official website www.buyjewelrytools.com to get Gold Weighing Scale Price, Diamond Carat Scale and wide range of jewelry making tools in Philippines.

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